Inverted Triangle body shape

Inverted Triangle


Top part of your body is larger that your bottom part and you usually wear a bigger size on top

  • Your shoulders are wider than your hips.
  • You have moderate sized breasts and waist, with narrower hips.

Bust tends to be proportionally large

. When styling an inverted triangle shape your ultimate goal is to soften your shoulders and define your waist. This will help strike a proportional balance between your bottom half and top half.

Let all the patterns, ruffles, layers, etc. be part of the bottom part of your body; and, upper body be minimalistic. As long as you remember this, you will do more than good.

I hope by now you have gotten a better idea on how to dress for your body type. Now chin up-chest-high honey bunches!

If you desire to have what is considered to be the most ideal body shape, hourglass, you will want to draw attention away from your broad shoulders or big upper chest and draw attention to your slim lower body and often lean legs. You can apply the following guidelines dressing for this body type

  • Create vertical lines with vertical stripes
  • Open necklines and collars, like halter necks, v-necks and scoop necks
  • Wear soft feminine textures to soften the shoulder line
  • Avoid extra width and wear single breasted tailored jackets
  • Wear jackets open to create a vertical line
  • Wear jackets that are well structured at the shoulder
  • Look for tops that will accentuate the waist, like tops with banding or nipping at the waist or wrap style tops
  • Wear tops that accentuate a vertical line, so go for V-necks and keep your shirts unbuttoned
  • new-1
  • Also find tops that balance the bust with your hips (if you have a large bust)
  • Wear tops just below the hip bone
  • Wear a darker color on top
  • Wear strapless gowns and tops
  • Use belts to define your waist even more
  • Attrattivo:

  • zaketa se v


(Happy sizes)


Your body shape requires that there is ample room in a top in the upper body. A stretchy material as well as a raglan sleeve will allow for this.

The key with these tops is to try a size smaller than your regular size. If this fits the top will skim your upper body creating instant shaping without being enormous at the waist. A v-neck, low round, cross over, cowl, square neck in a stretchy material are all styles that will look great on your Inverted Triangle body shape.


(Happy sizes)


Look for tops that will accentuate your waist and help balance you bust with your hips

-V-neck, U, strapless & asymmetric tops

-Cardigans worn open will soften your shape

-If you are wearing strapless just be sure to add curves to your hips as well


-Simple straight lines and wrap tops



-Tops with banding or nipping at the waist

-Tailored shirts, jackets & cardigans with belts

-Coats that flare from the waist are perfect

-Small lapels and collarless styles will flatter

-Look out for single button coats

-Dark colour tops


(happy sizes)


Τhe upper body in the dress is usually very tight and the bottom too wide.

Dresses in stretchy material in a straight shape with high or mid waist definition is the most flattering and will fit your upper body. Pick the size that fits your shoulders and bust nicely.

(Happy sizes)


-Wrap and empire cut dresses

(La redoute)


-Fitted bodices with flared skirts

-High waisted puff, full circle and tulip skirts shapes are great

-A-line dresses and skirts will be perfect to add volume and bulk to your lower half

(la redoute)


-Pleats and patterns will also be good


(Happy sizes)

isia_mayri_foysta_me_fermoyar happysizes1

Straight or slight A-line skirts look great and the stretch in the material will allow for the wider waist area.

-Pencil skirts that drop straight from the waist instead of coming in towards the knee.

-Add volume

(la redoute)


to your lower body with skirts with a lot of detail, such as panels, ruffles, pleats and other styles that will make your hips look broader and therefore more proportionate to the shoulders.

(la redoute)



(Happy sizes)



Most pants and jeans styles look great on your Inverted Triangle shape. Slim, straight, bootleg and wide leg all work for you.

-Baggy and wide leg trousers

(Happy sizes)

pantelona_jersey_isia_grammi_mpaskahappy sizes2



( Happy sizes)


-Go for any style that will accentuate your hips and bottom such as pocket detail and embellishment

(happy sizes)


-Light coloured trousers will be flattering

(happy sizes)


-Boyfriend style jeans,

boyfriend jeansnew-4

distressed look, baggy or coloured jeans, details on hip and thigh area e.g. various washes,    ripped, embellishment, flared, boot cut, wide leg, turn ups, big back pockets


(happy sizes)


(happy sizes)

Wear jackets that are well structured at the shoulder

(happy sizes)


(Happy sizes)


Jackets give your upper body great slimness as instantly a vertical colour block gets created by the difference between your top and jacket.

(Happy sizes)


It makes people’s eyes look up and down and therefor making you look slimmer in your upper body.


. Due to the width of your upper body, it is best to buy jackets with the correct fit on your shoulders and know that you are most likely not going to do the jacket up.


Use scarfs for warmth instead of squeezing the zipper past your bust and feeling claustrophobic.

   Wear jackets open to create a vertical line




Styles that extend or accentuate shoulders e.g details ,volume,fuss on your shoulders such as shoulder pads.

  • Boatneck and crewneck tops
  • Pencil skirts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Horizontal lines on top

Big bold pattern and graphics on top as it has a widening effect

Tapered skirts

Patterns on top , scarves around your neck or shoulders.

Stiff fabrics on top and narrowing hemlines e.g pencil skirts or skinny jeans.

Clutch bags , petite footwear.

Trousers avoid

Skinny jeans and fitted pants that will accentuate the disproportion of the bottom part with the upper body. But there is ways around it!

-If you really like to wear tight trousers, wear straight leg and cigarette styles.

-Tapered trousers or high waisted trousers

-Leggings can be tricky to style well for your shape

Tops to avoid


-Stay away from details that will accentuate the shoulders such as puffy sleeves and shoulder pads

-Puff sleeves and rushed shoulders will broaden you

-Shoulder pads, off shoulder, shoulder slits or slash necks

-Over sized and shapeless ones

-Embellishment on the shoulders

Dresses and skirts to avoid


-Frill sleeve and puff sleeve dresses

-Very fitted skirts will make you look top heavy

-Avoid Body-con dresses or tight fitted skirts

-Dress sleeved that finish next to the bust

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